The benefits of fastcask™
Easier to handle

No drop bright waiting time

Beers can go on sale more or less immediately from delivery

If containers are disturbed they can remain on sale

Tilting can be more robust

Allows easier stock rotation
Easier to store & move

Containers can be stacked & moved freely without turning the beer cloudy

Improves accessibility to outlets with cellar space constraints
Makes more commercial sense

Beers always available for sale – no more lost sales opportunity

Reduced stock holding requirement – less capital tied up

How Do I Order?
Easier to handle
Easier to handle fastcask™ beers drop bright immediately, removing the need to wait 24-48 hours before they can be put on sale
Easier to store
Easier to store fastcask™ beers can be stacked and moved around the cellar more freely without turning the beer cloudy
Always on sale
Always on sale fastcask™ beers are always available to be put on sale and if the container is disturbed in the cellar it can stay on sale
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