Cask is the star performer of the beer category
In an on trade beer market declining at -3.7% Cask beer is outperforming all other beer categories and is delivering growth:

Recruiting more drinkers

Increasing share of the on-trade beer market to 15%
Growing by 1% in the last two years

Increasing distribution

Cask beer delivers a unique value chain A unique reason to visit a pub
The Cask beer product experience cannot be replicated at home

Cask beer drinkers deliver more value
They visit pubs more often
They have a higher average spend per visit
Their occasions are more spread throughout the week
So why do 45% of pubs and bars still not offer cask?
Cask beer is a fresh, live product

It is the presence of yeast in the beer that allows it to continually condition through secondary rolex replica fermentation and develop a greater depth of flavour characteristics than other forms of beer.

The cask hassle factor

Ironically it is also the presence of this yeast that adds complexity and operational hassle to the handling of cask beer, acting as a barrier for many pubs and bars.

With conventional cask beer you have to allow the yeast in the beer to settle to the bottom of the container and ensure that it is not moved or disturbed, otherwise you end up with cloudy iwc replica beer that cannot be sold. This process can take up to 48 hours or longer, depending on the beer.




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