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Real cask beer that drops bright immediately.
Cask beer is a live product that contains yeast. In conventional cask beer the yeast is held in suspension of the liquid which means that its container has to be laid flat and stillaged for anywhere between 24-48 hours to allow the yeast to settle and the beer to ⯰ bright⥦ore it can be placed on sale. With fastcask祠remove the yeast from the beer before it is placed into its container and then replace it in the form of a gel bead that is naturally heavier and drops to the bottom of the cask replica audemars piguet immediately, meaning that it is clear can be served immediately.
Yes it is. CAMRA define the difference between real cask beer and other ales by the presence of yeast to allow the beer to continually condition through secondary ferementation. With fastcask䨥 yeast is still present (just in a slightly different form) and the beer continues to condition through secondary fermentation.

The ingredients & brewing process remain the same and you will get the vacheron constantin replica same great tasting beer that you expect from cask beer. This was confirmed in blind taste trials in over 100 pubs nationwide.
Despite cask beer being the only category of the on trade beer market in growth there are still over 46% of pubs, bars & clubs in the UK that do not serve cask beer.

Our brewers have developed this innovation to make it easier for more pubs and bars that find handling cask beers challenging, due to small cellars and high staff turnover, to provide cask beer to their customers.
It is easier to store and handle as it doesnಥquire the 24-48 hours dropbright time that conventional cask beer requires.

fastcask⥥rs are always ready to put on sale if needed, even immediately following delivery if required and if the container is disturbed once on sale, it can remain on sale.

fastcask䥬ivers a more consistent product because the amount of yeast in each container is more controlled and less variable than conventional cask, reducing the number of 鶥ly⡴ches produced.
Not necessarily, it just gives you more options to store the containers in a more convenient way or place them on sale quicker if required. If you like to allow your beers to vent & condition for several days in the cellar you can continue to do so, safe in the knowledge that if required the beer is bright and can be placed on sale.
fastcask鳠avaliable in a range of beer styles to cater for all types of drinker::
  • MarstonŮP.A. 3.6% abv ᠮew light golden, hoppy session beer
  • MarstonХdigree 4.5% abv 䨥 classic amber pale ale and UKί.1 Premium cask beer
  • Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5% abv 䨥 legendary Ruby ale full of mischievous character and fastest growing Premium cask beer
  • Brakspear Bitter 3.4% abv - a red amber coloured beer with a delicate toffee aroma. The gently effervescent ale gives a warming sweet malty toffee flavour, a citrus bitterness and a hint of saltiness
  • Cumberland Ale 4.0% abv - a superb golden coloured ale with a delicate hop character, brewed with English Pale Ale malt and using only the finest English hops
Yes, because of the extra production process involved there is a price premium of  per 9 gallon container. This typically equates to an increase of less than 2% per brand or approx 2p a pint.
fastcask⥥rs are available to order from the 29th March 2010 March. Contact your Marstonಥpresentative or contact us for more details on availability and to place your order.
fastcask鳠now available on MarstonХdigree, MarstonŐA, Wychwood Hobgoblin. Other brands will be available shortly. If there is a specific brand you would like to see available on fastcask䨥n please contact us
The fastcaskಯcess has been rigorously tested and fine tuned over the last 18 months to make cask beer easier for you to handle with exactly the same great taste that your customers are used to with their favourite brands.
fastcask㯮tainers are clearly marked to ensure that your staff do not confuse them with traditional cask containers.
You still have to follow the normal procedure of pegging & venting on delivery, fastcask굳t makes the process a little easier by removing the need to stillage the container to allow it to drop bright.
Our Beer Quality Technicians are always available to support you with any quality concerns or queries, please contact us

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